Beacon of the West

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Beacon of the West
The Man:
Here I face the endless conundrum, to be the sum of actions or ideals. And here I stand against my morals with principle.
The Mind:
All tyrants have good intentions it is easy to bury them in years of disappointment.
The Man:
My mistakes for which others have paid. Through submissive sub consciousness I pave the way to power and control. Through the mouth of Mist I was told. What I’ve been offered is redemption, to make all understand what it means to be righteous. There will be no mercy for the damned. For I refuse to rot in the stench of mans demise. Here the Beacon of the West will prosper and strive.
The Mist:
There is poison in the wound for the world burns with sickness. He tries to make it right through strife and conviction.
The Man:
I often dream of days of thunder. I often wonder when my days were younger, and how I’m alone. I’m alone.


from Grit Part I : Vigilance, released June 12, 2013



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