Blade and Bone

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Blade and Bone
The Mind:
I hear them talking pretty soon they’ll come to get me. Around every corner lurking in every shadow their eyes are hunting, their eyes are crawling for weakness.
The Mist:
This paranoia has atrophied any sense of compassion. He can exhume no more. With every life he takes and every scream that’s heard the voices grow louder.
The Man:
All of my life I’ve drank from the cup of society. Now all that is left is misery. It will be here soon the paranoia that all that you care about will leave you alone and full of doubt. The suffocating clamor turning my intentions into a ruined smear upon this hopeless existence. I’ve flirted with the idea that I’m insane and that somewhere false realities are bleeding into my brain, if this is true I will assuredly perish in pain.

The Mist:
He took them from their beds in the dead of night. Onto sacrifice they will got for with no darkness no light. Imagine the scene though brief it will be it will live immortally in this mass grave of screams.
The Man:
With steady hands I do the work which transforms life. Between Blade and Bone I place the flesh it spills the blood of lies. They tell me what I want to hear, that they aren’t coming and there is nothing left to fear. And in their eyes I looked past life and what I saw was the relevance of space and time.
Our existence is nothing more than probability. I will not serve entropy. Preserving order, with hate and hostility. So here I stand with blood on my hands! To be who I must I’ve no need for love, no hope to embrace. To continue I must destroy myself and harbor only hate. So here I stand with blood on my hands!

I’m in too much pain to judge too much pain to judge. They wait in every shadow, how impossible this sounds. They are all talking at the same time. They all have to die.


from Grit Part I : Vigilance, released June 12, 2013



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